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Top Home Design Trends Of 2018

Top Home Design Trends of 2018

When you’re remodeling your investment property, by the time you get to the home design stage you are probably feeling fairly ready for the project to be finished. That way you can focus on starting your next investment. However, with the always increasing popularity of design blogs, and Instagrammers posting more and more photos of their home’s interior, the finishes you put into your investment property are more important than ever, which means spending an extra bit of time researching these choices is essential to attracting buyers.

Everything from countertops to cabinet pulls to backsplashes to paint color, can take your investment from ordinary, standard flipped property to a home that will bring an even higher ROI than expected. Here are the top interior home design trends to look for (and potentially use in your investment properties) in 2018.

Colorful Kitchens

For the last several years, all-white kitchens have reigned supreme across Pinterest and in the real world. White kitchens are clean, minimalist, and frankly, a little boring. That’s why in 2018 we can expect to see bold cabinet choices like robin’s egg blue or fire engine red or backsplash tile that goes far beyond your typical subway. While it’s hard to say that white kitchens are completely over, it’s easy to see the beginnings of potential buyers wanting a more unique look to their future home.

SRHPD17-BSmith50th_1020Natural Wood Tones

Another up and coming trend in kitchens are natural wood tones. With clean lines and earthier tones, lighter colored, natural wood cabinets and islands will bring an earthier element to any home. By moving away from dark stained woods, and going with a white washed, or even unstained wood like maple, an investment property will be able to keep the classic look of wood without creating dark enclosed spaces that seem dated.

Matte Hardware

While 2017 saw a change from the popular silver finishings to brass or even black hardware, 2018 promises to take it one step further and do away with high shine faucets, door-knobs, and drawer pulls. Brushed and even tarnished metal gives a lived-in look that makes any room feel more homey. Matte metal as a trend means that gold hardware might even make a resurgence without the dated feel that most gold, high shine door-knobs currently have.

Bold Furnishings & Fabrics

Front Entry Way of a Portland Home

Brightly colored couches in plush fabrics will become centerpieces in living rooms everywhere in 2018. While velvet may seem old fashioned or stuffy, it will be a mainstay fabric for chairs and couches in 2018, due to the luxury feel it adds when done in the right colors, like navy blue or emerald green. While several mid-century style furniture brands like Joybird and Article have been making couches in distinct hues for several years, 2018 will be taking bright yellow and even neon pink couches into the mainstream as a popular home design trend.


While it may seem a little crazy at first, designers and homeowners alike believe that concrete will be very trendy in 2018, if purely for its versatility. While a few gutsy homeowners ventured into polished concrete floors for a more modern look, in 2018, concrete will be seen in geometric tiles and concrete countertops.

Vintage Lighting

Exposed lighting is out and vintage lighting is in. Fixtures like aged copper pendants and brass sconces add a custom feel to a new home. These unique fixtures also add visual interest to a room, making them the perfect addition to any investment property as it provides a design boost without staging.

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Millwork Feature Walls

Speaking of visual interest, millwork feature walls will bring their 2017 popularity into 2018 as a staple home design trend. Frequently used in bedrooms that you want to keep calm and relaxing, but not boring, shiplap and reclaimed wood are a relatively inexpensive way to add design, and value, to your investment property.


A print that may create some divisive conversations, floral prints are back, and in a big way. Much like kitchens and couches, the way to do florals in 2018, is bold, colorful, and oversized. This isn’t your grandma’s floral print. While a floral wallpaper home design idea may seem too big a risk to take in an investment property, consider testing it out in smaller or removable areas, like curtains, a floral chair, or even an oversized art print.

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And there you have, the top home design trends to potentially incorporate into your investment property in 2018. If you’re ready to get started on your next investment property, contact Portland Development Group today. With the best team in the business, we’ll help find you your next perfect property.