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Things To Do In Sunnyside, Portland

Things to Do in Sunnyside, Portland

Sunnyside, located in Southeast Portland, is often celebrated as being one of Portland’s top-ten neighborhoods for walking and a “cyclist’s paradise.”

Sunnyside’s popular shopping and dining area is comprised of two streets that both run from east to west: SE Belmont Street and SE Hawthorne Boulevard.

Both streets boast a collection of mostly locally-owned and operated cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops, as well as the iconic Bagdad Theatre.

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For a Truly Unique Experience, Here’s What to Try, See and Do in Sunnyside, Portland:

Shopping and Dining, but First, Coffee

In the heart of Sunnyside at SE Belmont Street, and at the Southernmost end at SE Hawthorne Blvd, you’ll find locally owned cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops that serve the community of Sunnyside and its surrounding areas, including some of the best places to enjoy a perfectly brewed coffee, tea or cocktail:

Cafes in Sunnyside, Portland

Located at SE 34th Ave and SE Belmont, Stumptown Coffee Roasters has earned a reputation for excellent coffee. They roast their own beans in house and serve it up in a comfortable atmosphere that hosts live performances.

Never Coffee is the hip place to sip “artisan coffee” and unique beverages that this cool space is known for serving up.

Tov Coffee & Tea offers an experience that few can say they’ve ever had: sipping “Egyptian and Turkish style coffee and tea from a double-decker bus outfitted as an exotic coffee caravan.

Located on SE Belmont Street, The Sweet Hereafter serves up vegan cocktails and fare that you can enjoy in their rustic-modern indoor ambiance or their picnic-style outdoor seating.

Forage Through a Few Shops That Are Anything but Ordinary

Shopping in Sunnyside, Portland

Herb Stomp is located on the northern side of SE Belmont Street. This friendly shop is known for its selection of exotic herbs, spices, bee pollen, incense, essential oils, smudges, botanicals and tinctures.

Flipside Hats is a locally owned and operated shop that’s turning recycled fabrics into expertly handcrafted men’s and women’s hats and scarves in a variety of materials and styles.

Enjoy a Meal & Matinee at Sunnyside’s Most Iconic Landmark

Located along SE Hawthorne Blvd on Sunnyside’s southernmost end is the neighborhood’s most iconic landmark: McMenamins Bagdad Theatre & Pub.

Submit to delicious comfort food in the pub, (their Cajun tater tots are a hit with the locals), or grab balcony seating in the ornate theatre where you can enjoy your drink and some snacks while you watch the next Blockbuster hit.

Built in 1927 by Universal Studios, The Bagdad Theatre has been gorgeously maintained, still reflecting its vintage-regal charm and architecture. This place is a must-see when you visit Sunnyside!

Picnic in Laurelhurst Park

Located to the north and just outside of Sunnyside in the Laurelhurst Neighborhood, Laurelhurst Park offers 26.81-acres of lush greenspace featuring multi-use sports fields, a children’s playground, an accessible play area and washrooms, dog off-leash area, historical site, picnic tables, tennis courts, volleyball courts, paved and unpaved paths and a spring-fed pond that is shared by fish, turtles and ducks.

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