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Explore Portland’s Walkable, Livable Neighborhoods

Portland Oregon is home to some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the United States. The city benefits from more than a hundred years of foresight and planning by urban visionaries who wanted to create walkable, green neighborhoods. A vibrant downtown, unique and eclectic shopping districts located throughout the city, plenty of public parks and a world-class transit system make Portland a perfect place to live.

Portland is typically divided into different regions. Here are some guides to each, along with links to specific neighborhoods.

Portland Neighborhoods: An Introduction to North and Northeast Portland

North & Northeast Portland

Portland’s vibrant and eclectic North and Northeast districts both offer vibrant, densely populated heritage neighborhoods with easy access to the downtown core. These are some of the best neighborhoods in Portland.

Neighborhoods in North & NE Portland include:

portland northwest real estate

NW District & West Hills

Portland’s Northwest and West Hills districts both offer vibrant densely populated heritage neighborhoods within walking distance of the city core. Craftsman- and Old Portland-style houses line the streets of these neighborhoods, and the restaurants, bars and shops of downtown Portland are just a short walk away.

Neighborhoods in NW District & West Hills include:

SE Portland real estate

Southeast Portland

With affordable real estate, a zippy light rail connection to downtown and plenty of local character, PDX’s Southeast district is a popular choice for new families or anyone else who wants to experience the funky vibe that has made Portland real estate listings so popular across the nation.

Neighborhoods in Southeast Portland include:

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