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Earn 12% Return*

Invest in Portland's growing real estate market

Our mission is to acquire, lease, renovate, maintain, and operate rental properties, in order to achieve the following goals:

  • High occupancy rates
  • Low turnover rates
  • Strong rent growth
  • Attractive margins
  • Predictable cash flows

*Distributed with quarterly payouts, plus additional profit distribution


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The Offering

  • $5 Million Offering
  • 100 Class B Non-Voting Preferred Convertible Units
  • $50k per Class B Unit
  • 12% Annual Preferred Return (Paid Quarterly)
  • 50/50 Appreciation Split (After 5-7 Years)

UrbanLuxe Living Fund I, LLC is a newly-formed Delaware limited liability company organized to acquire a pool of high-end single-family and multi-family residential properties in Portland’s top ten neighborhoods, to lease those properties to qualified tenants, and to maintain, renovate and manage such rental properties.

Portland Real Estate Is In Demand

Portland Real Estate is in Demand

Each of the available rental properties is located in or around Portland, OR, and the company expects all or nearly all of the rental properties it acquires to be located in or around Portland, OR. The company believes that Portland is a location that benefits from strong demand drivers, high barriers to entry and high rent-growth potential. In the company’s judgment, Portland has exhibited, and will likely exhibit in the future, lower new supply, stronger job and household formation growth and superior NOI growth relative to the broader U.S. housing and rental market.

A Strong Economy Is A Powerful Draw

A Strong Economy is a Powerful Draw

With a strong economy powered by companies like Nike, Intel and emerging tech companies, and amazing amenities to offer like great food, entertainment, and culture – Portland as a city draws many new residents daily. This is why all types of people, from recent graduates to retirees, are drawn to the city. As the city continues to grow and evolve, it also continues to get better and more desirable, so the demand for housing increases.

An Increasing Demand For Housing

An Increasing Demand for Housing

And with the city’s Urban Growth Boundary, residential development is limited to close in Portland, which limits the availability of new housing. With the continued influx of people moving to the city the demand for housing will increase. It is predicted that the seller’s market will continue, demand will be high, and despite the city’s efforts to plan for and build new housing, they most likely will still be in short supply.


Investment oversight is provided by Michael Hubbell.
Phone: 971-563-9362


The Manager’s investment strategy is based on the Manager’s judgment that its leasing and operation of its rental properties is likely to achieve the company’s objectives, for the following reasons:

The propensity to rent has increased for every age group due to factors including delaying of major life events, increasing student loan burdens, reduced availability of mortgage credit and lifestyle preference for renting.

Limited new supply in Portland, when combined with forecast demand growth, should drive increased occupancy and rental rates for single-family and multi-family homes for lease in such area.

With respect to short-term rental properties, the demand for short-term rentals in Portland has experienced, and is expected to continue to experience, high rates of growth, and should result in a greater NOI to the company, relative to long-term rentals.

With respect to rental properties that are not operated as short-term rental properties, the typical single-family rental resident prefers single-family/one-to-four unit multi-family homes (such as the available rental properties) over apartments due to lifestyle differences.

About This Offering

The company expects to lease a substantial portion, which may exceed 50%, of its rental properties as short-term rentals, by listing such short-term rental properties of short-term rental websites, including Section 33.207 of the Portland City Code requires a residence for guests for periods of fewer than 30 consecutive days. The company has a plan of operation that it believes will allow the necessary permits to be obtained for each rental property operated as a short-term rental property within the City of Portland.

This offering is being conducted as a Rule 506© offering so that the company may generally solicit its investors. The partnership is not registered as an investment company under the Investment Company Act of 1940, in reliance upon Section 3(c)(1) thereof. As a result of its reliance upon Section 3(c)(1), the Class B Units may not at any time be owned by more than 100 beneficial owners.

Executive Offices
UrbanLuxe Living Fund I, LLC
c/o Michael Hubbell, Manager
4224 NE Halsey St, Suite 300