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Growing Community, Authentically

UrbanLuxe is deeply committed to making our cities the very best they can be. Our gorgeous properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods support the future and bring stunning new additions to established communities. With negative housing practices abounding and buildings going up faster than you can say “giddyup,” we are happy to share that our projects feature only the most detailed, high-quality, inspired-by-you designs on the market. We build for people who want great homes and are willing to lend their ideas to our creative process.

Our Commitment to Integrity

We’re based in Portland, and are here to stay — we are devoted to our home community. Unlike companies that infiltrate the area for a limited time, build, and move on, we consider ourselves to be part of the communities we operate in. Our team has years of experience building homes that our clients adore, constructions built to last a lifetime, and more. If you’re looking for the highest quality materials, put to the best possible use for both your home’s construction and the growth of the neighborhood, look no further than UrbanLuxe.

100% Inspired By You

We ask questions first, then build. Listening is a skill we take very seriously, doing our best to hear your ideas, thoughts, and concerns, all before sketching a single design. Once we have an idea of what your dreams, needs, and preferences are, we’ll begin planning.

Call us today! We’re here to help translate your ideas into a reality you can enjoy each day of your life.

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