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Build Your Luxury Home With UrbanLuxe

The best luxury homes requires many hands, so our in-house team includes experienced designers, planners, project managers, and production managers, all of whom come to together to pursue a common goal.

We Work With Highly-Skilled Partners

To support your luxury home, we work with some of the most skilled, high-integrity vendors and sub-contractors in the business to build your luxury home. We’ve nurtured an excellent working relationship with permitting offices in cities across America, thanks to a dedicated person on our staff who serves as our city permit liaison.

Our plans get quickly approved and moved to the construction phase, so we can get you in your new home more quickly.

Diverse Luxury Home Builds

Our projects are as diverse as the clients we proudly serve. View UrbanLuxe’s latest work.

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Custom Luxury Homes, Inspired by You

You dream it, we’ll build your luxury home. We proudly offer hundreds of built-to-suit home plans, each of which can be customized to suit your specific needs. Looking for a hard-to-find feature? Our team can build it for you. ADUs and masters-on-the-main are just some of the options we offer, at your request.

Our Design Team Listens to You

We understand that having a hands-on role in the construction of your home is vital, which is why our in-house design team welcomes your input! With your ideas and our experience combined, we can come up with the ideal layout, finished with the perfect details.

In the unlikely circumstance that we don’t have a site in our inventory that meets your needs, our team is prepared to help you locate and acquire the right one.

Use BuilderTrend for Online Collaboration

To make the construction process even more satisfying, we offer online collaboration and communication throughout using BuilderTrend. You’re able to make selections, change orders, and even see the progress of your property’s construction via photos on your phone or tablet.

Full Remodels and Restorations, In Your Home

Cities across America are brimming with vintage homes whose grace and charm make this town special. One of our greatest pleasures to to complete home remodels and restorations that breathe new life into these classics.

In order to maintain the original charm of your stunning home, we undertake the following gentle-but-effective process, increasing modern livability while maintaining your property’s original beauty:

  • Replace all major systems
  • Re-imagine the layout
  • Maintain warmth and character of the property through vintage details, both newly-added and from the original construction.