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Benefits Of Buying From Custom Home Builders In Portland, Oregon

Benefits of Buying from Custom Home Builders in Portland, Oregon

It may still be rainy and cold in Portland, but the housing market remains hot. With relatively few homes for sale in 2017, bidding wars were common, making Portland second only to Seattle nationwide for increased home prices. The forecast for 2018 isn’t much brighter, with a shortage of available homes making it tough for buyers.

If you’re weary of being out-bid for your perfect house, it may be time to consider a custom-built home. Here are a few advantages of buying from custom home builders in Portland, Oregon.

Home Design Options

Custom home builders in Portland, Oregon offer an array of different floor plans with variations available to meet your needs. You can also partner with your builder’s architect to create a design uniquely your own.

Home Design Options Portland OR

Your home design can help you fully appreciate the features of your location – from a sprawling garden to a hilltop view. Work with your builder to adjust any relevant aspects – from window placement to basement size to ensure your property’s special elements are showcased.

And while you may have a Pinterest board filled with ideas about the appearance of your new home, your builder can also provide you with information about the latest trends in interior and exterior color, flooring, tile, roofing materials, lighting, and fixtures.

Home Building Materials

Materials used to construct a custom home will create a healthier living space for you and your family – you won’t face the lead paint, mold, or asbestos that can be found in older homes. Building codes are in place for new construction to guarantee materials like wall boards, ceiling liners and insulation meet fire safety standards, making your custom home safer, from the ground up.

Newer fixtures, like toilets, faucets and lighting are focused on sustainability, making your custom home better for the environment. Some builders may offer options to install future upgrades like solar or home automation.

Cost Savings with a Custom Home

Improvements in building materials and changes in building codes mean your custom home will require less energy. From high-efficiency heating and cooling, to insulated windows and energy-efficient appliances, your new home will provide comfort for your familyandyour wallet over time.

You’ll also save money by avoiding the maintenance and repairs associated with older homes.

Custom Home Cost Savings Portland ORMost custom homes provide a warranty, covering unexpected replacement or repair for items like windows, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as major structural issues such as a leaky basement or roof. And some builders in Portland, Oregon may have strong relationships with materials suppliers, getting you quantity discounts or builder’s pricing.

Unlike remodeling an existing home, where costs are large and out-of-pocket, upgrades made to your custom home can be folded into your mortgage, allowing you to pay over time.

The Feeling of a Home That’s All Yours

With planning and attention to detail, your new house can deliver a functionality and ease-of-living to fit your lifestyle. Living in a new house that you’ve helped create provides you with a unique emotional connection. No one else has walked the halls or admired the view from the family room window. Your new house matches your personality and meets your needs. It’s not just a house – it’s now your home.

Custom home builders Portland, Oregon

You have a choice in builders in Portland. Our team of experienced project managers, architects, and designers are here to help you achieve what you’ve envisioned, and we make sure you’re happy with the results. Contact Portland Development Group and talk with our team about making your dream home a reality.