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Our Real Estate Company: Your Inspiration, Our Custom Builds

While development is nothing new, our real estate company brings an unmatched level integrity of process, talent and materials to the region.

By focusing exclusively on the nation’s most desirable communities, rather than spreading our team out into other areas, we bring an understanding of local needs and aesthetics to our work that supports positive growth and authenticity.

Our homes, whether built from the ground up or remodeled, speak to the energy and excitement of the surrounding community and provide sophisticated, luxurious sanctuaries, whether you’re moving from another neighborhood or another state.

You can count on UrbanLuxe to source only luxe materials, artfully applied to the construction and accent of your home by our designers and architects.

Our attention to detail stems from passion and dedication, so you can trust that your inspiration will translate into the finishings, color coordination, and subtle touches that make a home great.

Fewer Projects, More Quality

We take on large projects and focus on getting them just right. This means that we pursue fewer developments than other local companies, and strive to funnel all of our energy into making them the very best they can be. You and your build have our complete attention.

If you’re looking for a home-building company that puts your inspiration first, supporting it with industry-renowned architects, designers, project managers, and materials, look no further than UrbanLuxe Homes.

Call us today at 503-616-4996 with any questions, or to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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