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4 Advantages Of Buying A Premarket Home

4 Advantages of Buying a Premarket Home

Portland’s strong economy, great location, and lower cost of living than nearby Seattle and San Francisco make it attractive to home buyers.  But with fewer new homes for sale and the population growing, Portland houses may be listed for only a few days before being snapped up, often for thousands of dollars above asking price.

Premarket homes, homes available for sale but not yet shown on the MLS (multiple listing service), have emerged as an alternative to the traditional home-buying process. Exploring premarket home options has several benefits for buyers:

Avoid Bidding Wars


It can be difficult to maintain your excitement and enthusiasm about buying a home when you continue to battle with other buyers. Losing bidding wars on great homes is discouraging and time consuming.  Access to private listings means fewer buyers will be viewing the properties. With less competition, buyers are more likely to avoid starting bidding wars that drive up prices.

Make House-Hunting Less Stressful

Spending your evenings viewing listings and your weekends at crowded open houses can be tiring and overwhelming. When you shop premarket homes, you can expand your search beyond MLS lists. The larger pool of options gives you more information to use for outlining your desired location, amenities and features to share with your realtor.  

Gain Time to Find the “Right” Home

alarm-clock-timeThe absence of competition and the ability to look at homes not yet listed gives you time to discover the property that’s right for you.  You won’t feel pressured to sacrifice that third bedroom or walkout basement. Importantly, you won’t feel rushed into a buying a home that falls short of your needs or your budget. Developers and investors with homes under construction, like the Portland Development Group, have premarket new homes for sale in the final stages of completion. You can incorporate custom add-ons to your premarket purchase, ensuring your home will have the amenities you want for your family.

Negotiating Flexibility

With fewer time constraints to close the deal, buyers and sellers can come to agreement on terms favorable for both parties. Sellers interested in a quick close can adjust pricing or incentives because they’ve avoided the costs of traditional real estate marketing and the MLS listing. Buyers working through lending options can negotiate flexible arrangements such as a short-term rental agreement until financing is finalized.

Premarket Homes are a Great Option in Portland, Oregon


Premarket listings solve problems for both buyers and sellers. Sellers avoid the cost and hassle of  marketing their property using traditional methods. Buyers spend less time searching and battling for a home that meets their needs, instead focusing on getting settled into their new community.

If you’re ready to shop premarket homes, contact our team at the Portland Development Group or review our available listings. We can also talk with you about new homes for sale in Portland, Oregon. You can find the house that will become the home you and your family need – we’re here to help.